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Tenancy Management & Rental Collection Service

Bank Refferral Program

    When you drawdown the mortgage loan with the bank(HSBC, HSB, BOC etc) that we referred to you, you can earn gift coupons. All your personal information should be passed to the bank from yourself directly and our company never keeps your record. Therefore, the service is most confidently.

Gift coupons



Under HK$2 millions


From HK $2.01 millions to HK$5 millions


From HK $5.01 millions to HK$10 millions


More than HK$10.01 millions

Tenancy management

    For landlords, especially those travel frequently or have a number of leased properties, it is not easily to have to deal with matters such as tenancy disputes, lease renewal, and collecting rent. Lok Shun are committed to offloading our clients from the burdens of tenancy affairs while maximizing their rental income with better peace of mind. With our accumulated expertise, we are committed to providing landlords with professional Tenancy Management Services for all property sectors.

 Professional Services include:

Tenancy Management & Rental Collection Service 

- Collect Rental and Issue Receipts

- Handle Tenancy Disputes and Rent in Arrears

- Handle the Payment of Rates, Government Rent and Property Related Fees

- Undertake Periodic Inspection and Repair Oversight

- Issue Monthly Statements and Reports

Lease Renewal Service

 - Negotiate lease renewal and rent review on owner's behalf

- Prepare renewed lease agreements, signing coordination and stamp duty processing


 Assist in the Recovery of Possession Process

- To provide administrative support for an application to the Lands Tribunal for the recovery of possession.

 Property Leasing

Provide Property Leasing and Tenant Search Services

 Service Charge

Service Type


Charge Rate

Monthly Rental

Per Monthly Rental

Tenancy Management & Rental Collection

HK$16,000 or below








Above HK$50,000


Lease Renewal

One-time fee charged for lease renewal negotiation.

50% of monthly rental (Min. Charge HK$1,000)

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